The Box Lounger

Gotta love this cozy design by Ivar Gestranius and Kevin Lahtinen. The Box Lounger may look like little more than a funky design with a retro feel but it’s actually quite functional. The inside is fitted with super-soft, comfy cushioning that also happens to be great at absorbing sounds, making it the perfect “mini-office” for making phone calls, working on a laptop, or just relaxing. Available in a variety of different colors, its square shape also makes a great room divider.

Designer: Ivar Gestranius & Kevin Lahtinen


  • rallan says:

    Really really cool!! Simple, graphic, looks confortable, fresh, nice colours…
    Maybe, in a way to be more simple, I would not use a tubular base, and have the cube directly on the floor, or something like that…

    Anyway, really cool!!

  • Artur says:

    Yeah I totally agree with rallan, it would be really nice to have the box directly on the floor without the metal base. If you made the box longer so it would reach the floor, but the seating was at the same height.

    I would definitely buy this then!

  • The Jackson says:

    Very cool looking! I think it should have some sort of handrest to be fully comfortable. Still it is very good project.

  • Grey says:

    I agree with Rallan & Artur, would also like to see you place these in an environment.

  • michael1337 says:

    how muhc do these cost and where can i buy em!

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