Minimal and Modular Moulding

This modern ceiling rose and moulding design by Geoffrey Lhoest is a twist on the classics that plays with the concepts of interconnection and modularity. When combined, the ceiling rose and modular moulding gives new life to walls and ceilings by bridging all 3 dimensions of the space.  A minimalist design that gives a sense of fluidity and movement that will accent both classic and contemporary spaces.

Apart from its purely aesthetic aspect, the ceiling rose concentrates all of the innovation of the concept. The angular indication every 5 degrees on the reverse face facilitates
personalised cutting. The ceiling rose can be segmented to create profile curves (sections from 15 to 360 degrees).

Combined with mouldings, these new elements trace a linear path that plays with the limits of the space. The symmetry of the profile enable simple crossings, while the ceiling rose makes it possible to create more than 100 different combinations.

Designer: Geoffroy Lhoest