Meet the EDC that’s a 12-bit screwdriver set with TSA approval!

Chijoff+Co set out one day to make the most beautiful, convenient, and versatile toolkit ever. That distinction doesn’t come easily, but the M250 toolkit just sits in the sweet spot. It’s small but isn’t flimsy. It’s portable but also versatile. Can strap to your belt or attach to the fridge. The tiny toolbox comes with 12 of its own hex-bits but can dock 14 bits, giving you the ability to store two of your own bits too.

Designed to fix everything from cameras to skateboards, and from cabinets to bicycles, the M250 is tiny yet covers an extremely wide range. Armed with the most popular hex bits, the M250 lets you tinker and fix anything anywhere. The bits dock right into the M250’s frame, turning the case itself into a high-torsion handle that’s easy to maneuver and twist, screwing or unscrewing the toughest bolts and screws with relative ease. Magnetic retention within the case allows the bits to snap into place and stay there, while also making it easier to work with tiny metal screws too. The M250 packs a 2-inch extender rod, for accessibility, so no screw’s left behind!

The M250 comes with 12 robust S2 tool-steel bits with a titanium oxide coating for shine as well as unparalleled strength. The casing and even the outer cover come crafted from a military-grade composite that’s both incredibly strong but also extremely lightweight, and isn’t abrasive either, so you could easily chuck the M250 into your laptop bag without worrying about it scratching anything. The entire toolkit is no bigger than a lighter, making it incredibly handy and ergonomic. The M250’s holster comes with a nifty pocket-clip, so you can carry the power of an entire tool-box with you on your belt, while a magnetic plate allows you to easily snap the M250 to your fridge or the magnetic tool-rack in your shed. Made to fix practically anything, and to go practically anywhere, the M250 really does fit in the sweet spot. At just over a 100 grams, it’s perhaps one of the lightest tool-kits ever, and with as many as 14 hex-bits inside it, it’s literally built for any scenario. Oh, did I also mention, the M250 is TSA-approved to carry on flights too?

Designer: Michael Chijoff

Click Here to Buy Now: $32 $45 (30% off).

M250 Hex Drive Toolkit by TACTICA

A lightweight, compact, TSA compliant toolkit for everyday carry. Made of advanced military-grade composite material.

The M250 has been designed from the ground up to deliver you the tools and features you need without weighing you down.

Less than the size of a credit card.

A Toolkit in Your Hands

How many times did you find out that you were missing the right screwdriver? With the M250 we wanted to make sure you had the ones you needed. That’s why each toolkit comes with 12 of the most common hex bits that you might need & 2 spare slots to add your own.

Each toolkit comes with:

1. Complete screwdriver set – 12 of the most common hex bits you might need.

Phillips hex drive – 1.8mm*, #0, #2 (* 1.8mm suitable for most eye glasses)
Flat hex drive – 1.8mm*, #3, #5 (* 1.8mm suitable for most eye glasses)
Allen hex drives – 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
Torx Hex Drives – T10, T15, T25

2. M250 magazine – holds your hex bits and includes heavy duty driver

3. Extended reach – 2″/ 50mm hex bit extender

4. M250 holster – Pocket, belt or on the fridge, the choice is yours

Loading and Unloading is Easy

The patent pending storage system allows you to take your hex bits in and out with ease. The TPU retention elastomer ensures your bits stay in place securely. So no need to worry about pieces falling out in your bag or pocket.

High Torque Socket

The M250 features a hardened stainless steel insert to ensure you have the necessary strength to budge even the toughest of screws*. Combined with the wider body, the M250 also gives you the leverage you need.

Extend Your Reach

Each M250 comes with an integrated 50mm/ 2″ hex bit extender. Perfect for getting to those hard to reach places or when you can’t get your tool in the right spot. The extender features a magnetic tip to ensure your bits stay in place when in use.

Carry it Your Way

What would a toolkit be without an easy way to carry it. Each M250 comes with its own holster that keeps the toolkit magazine in place and allows you to carry it wherever you want. A clip on the side of the holster allows for pocket or belt carry…

… And a magnetic plate lets you attach it to the fridge at home, the office or the workshop. Just attach it to any metal surface and you’re away.

The M250 holster also comes with an attachment point to loop into your bags. Seen here with the latest Peak Design backpack.

TSA Approved

Traveling interstate or to another country? No need to worry as the M250 complies with current TSA regulations for air travel.

Tech Friendly

The M250 uses an engineering grade composite that makes it not only 40% lighter than titanium but also doesn’t scratch your technology. So now your iPad, iPhones and other technology are safe from scratches next to your M250.

Below: What’s Included

Specs and Materials

A feature of the M250 is the use of an advanced engineering grade composite in the Magazine. This provides both an ultra lightweight structure (~40% lighter than titanium) with the necessary strength. The composite is typically used as a metal replacement and perfect for our requirements for the high torque socket.


Over the course of of 2018-2019 we have been busy developing and refining the M250. Some 50+ prototypes we created over the course of this period. In addition we have further developed our existing M100 multitool that uses a lot of the manufacturing + material technology. As such we are confident in the final design that we have pushed to production.

Click Here to Buy Now: $32 $45 (30% off).