Static Dust

Du.Static is the combination of dust and static and its main objective is to rid your room of dust particles. A magic wand kinda stick attracts all dust to it using static electricity and deposits it into the holding trash when the charge is out. The main unit doubles up as an air purifier and indicates the air-quality via the LED indicator. I like it for its sleek looks and moreover my Pottermania isn’t over yet. Maybe I can practice some spells with it…like Repello Dusto!

Du.Static is a 2011 Sparks Awards Silver Winner!

Designer: Won Suk Lee


  • Spark says:

    I just love reading this new design products. Really inspire me to learn and understand that’s there’s always new ideas coming out every second..Love the design here!

  • tanya says:

    What a great design. I wish I had one for my apartment. Dust is a problem experienced pretty much by everyone; thus the marketability of this product is huge.

  • Where can I get this for my facilities!!!???? I need this ASAP haha

  • Beaty says:

    I’ve seen this on blogs everywhere any idea when it’s coming out or where to get it if it is out?

  • Horatiu says:

    great design…congratiulations

  • ELBSeattle says:

    This looks like an interesting product. However, whoever wrote the copy for this post clearly is not a native English speaker. If you are going to post an announcement or description of a product in English you need to find someone who is fluent in English to write your ad copy for you, or to at least proof-read your ad copy.

  • Clovis says:

    This look really neet, the first question after reading was: How much ? I want it.
    It has that Tron Legacy look, totally sweet.

  • st8ic says:

    Is that a design concept that would never actually appear as a product?

  • dhdesign says:

    It seems like a great idea,but sometimes the dust must be wiped off but not just blowed or inhaled away!You say this stick can replace the vacuum cleaner, it’s ridiculous!

  • drew says:

    looked everywhere on the store, nowhere to buy this thing. wtf

  • li lap yin says:

    Where I can buy in my convenience ? And how much? Thanks.

  • It’s great. according to me, you should try to use an air purifier to remove dust in house

  • Frank says:

    That’s a nice tips, very useful. It looks simple but very interesting and creative. I want to have one but where can I buy it?

  • I love this product because of having new model as well as having the suitable price tag for me can buy

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