The Porsche 929

The Porsche Panamara is ugly. There, I said it! Maybe the guys at Porsche should have taken some notes from Designer Julliana Cho, because this electric concept looks like one hell-of-a car. This 4-seater has suitable comfort for long distance drives with the fam, but maintains the brand’s iconic fluid styling with some added severity and drama in the lines and contours that give it that necessary edge the larger Panamara needed to maintain sporty appeal. The catch… you have to share!

Tackling environmental and space issues, the designer imagines this concept as a community-share vehicle with a private feel. Members of the car-club could access a vehicle at any time from a central “docking” station where a variety of 929s would charge on a cleverly designed rotating parking structure. Personally, I want it all to myself.

Designer: Julliana Cho