Play On Lego Blocks

Since it’s obvious the world is moving towards touchscreens and virtual controls, it’s nice to see something that pays tribute to old school tactile experiences. The Play On concept takes that ethos and exaggerates it.

By arranging lego-like blocks that are actually batteries, you send power specifically to where you want it. The first example is a portable hard drive. Each peg represents a file or saved directory. By attaching and linking together lego blocks, you access and move files around. The second example is a multimedia device. Access specific functions by attaching lego blocks to the corresponding pegs.

It’s a roundabout way of doing things but it’s an homage to an era when doing such things required an almost Jedi-like knowledge of computers.

Designer: Shu-fen Liao


  • taco says:


  • H says:

    I like kind of this one

  • zway says:

    good idea

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