The Deejay that lives in your ears

Up until the mid 90s, we had the Radio. The Radio Personality was our music curator, providing us with an incredible blend of tunes to get through the day. This was of course followed by the rise of MTV and the VJ. The Video Jockey presented us with the freshest beats, but in a different form, with the music video. We now live in the era of the DJ. We go to festivals and events to listen to deejays play our favorite tunes, and make us listen to new ones, but there’s a problem right there. The Deejay experience is rather exclusive. We don’t get access to the Deejay everyday, unlike the RP or VJ. That’s where ONE by Actywell fills the gap. ONE may just look like an ordinary earphone, but it’s actually an AI-DJ that uses your Bio-stats and a motion sensor to determine what your energy levels are, and recommend the correct playlist to either charge you up, or mellow you down.

The ONE’s probably one of the most awesome earphones you’ll see. It runs its artificial intelligence without a battery, so you don’t need to worry about charging it. Its complex algorithms measure how you react to music, and use that information to pick out new songs for you. It works with your music player and even Spotify, so it knows your music preference. When it comes to playback, the ONE doesn’t compromise… It’s one of the first of the new range of audio devices to run on a lightning connector (especially for the iPhone 7 crowd) and even comes with MicroUSB and Type C USB variants for the Android aficionados.

The ONE’s design is impressive too, with its Play Button shaped triangular design and white/gold and Chrome/Black combos. The German Design Award winning earphones even come with a leather fascia that slips over the earpiece to give you that extra bit of luxury… because with the best in music selection, your ears also deserve the best in design!

Designer: Noon Wong

Buy It Here: $99.00 $199.00