Rhythm in a Cup

There was an era in Indian television (somewhere in the 80’s) that for fillers between two programs they used to play the Jal Tarang. Fascinating ceramic bowls filled with water that produces the most profound music! A look at the Drinking The Music concept and I’m reminded of that era. Although oriental teacups inspire this concept, I can see the connection between water and music. Can you?

Designer: Kukil Han


  • harsh mevada says:


  • Ray says:

    makes me wonder how much of a hassle it will be to wash.

  • Mike Barnard says:

    Nothing that isn’t negative to say, so . . .


  • anon says:


    Obviously that would not pose much of a problem since the components are already immersed in liquid (the tea/coffee you are drinking). The remaining electronic elements are sealed inside the cup, from the looks of it, hence the touch-buttons on the side. An interesting concept, yet I wonder about the quality of the output and if it will really be worth an assumed high price tag.

  • Play Music says:

    The concept is nice but making such gadget is a bit complicated right. But the idea is really great. Drinking coffee and changing the song with your coffee, nice.

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