Weapons of Eating

Check out this gorgeous cutlery set modeled entirely in Solidworks. By far, this is the most dangerous cutlery concept I’ve seen and with good reason too. The designer was inspired by the Japanese katana. I can’t tell if they’re weighted properly but I could definitely see them scaled up to be used for BBQ cookouts. Who’s with me?

Designer: Jeff Pinard


  • ARDE says:

    Well the knife is AWESOME to the max… yet for the fork the designer didn’t quite fell back on his real life experience… Where does one ‘stash’ the food he picks up with his fork?? not only on the ‘teeth’ but also on the ‘whatever you call that flat area he so drastically left out’ … =°P

  • Ronzalpha says:

    I agree with ARDE. The fork is poorly designed. Not only would it obstruct with the teeth when you take it out of the mouth, but it also looks like it won’t last very long in usage. I have to admit, the knives look pretty cool.

  • Jinard says:

    I also agree,
    The fork appears to be almost decorative, I think if the prongs were extended enough it would save you from shattering your front teeth thus making it somewhat useable.

  • WZhang says:

    Love the knife! I think the fork is a little mismatched, I’d personally like it more if it had some of the lines and uniqueness of the knife.

  • nonono says:

    Awkward fork, and both are dangerous. Just for decoration and doesn’t look functional.

  • Elysia says:

    WANT! I see what you mean about the practicalities of the fork, but it *is* beautiful. I’m sure the designer could rework it to make it more user-friendly.

  • The Jackson says:

    Actually, the sharp edge of the knife that points in the middle of the handle looks dangerous.

  • Dave says:

    Any chance of these going into production?

  • Gravity says:

    Good designs. The knife looks a little unsafe though. I could see so many accidents happening…

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