Refined Yacht

Inspired by the form of the wake it creates, the 77 foot, 40 ton Speedline yacht has all the Italian refinement and style you’d expect from a designer with a name like Pietro Russomanno. The reverse bow’s sinuous curves form ridges that hug the rear superstructure while a continuous strip of glass wraps elegantly around the main cabin, illuminating the 8 bunks and other facilities of the interior. Minimal styling in pure white and wood enhance its overall beauty inside and out.

Designer: Pietro Russomanno


  • Errata Corrige says:

    – “wave” not “wake”
    – 8 beds not 8 bedrooms

    • bb says:

      Actually the wave that a boat or yacht creates is referred to as a wake. Also being 77 feet long I am sure there is room for 8 actual bedrooms. Just sayin’.

  • Jaska says:

    8 bedrooms in 77 it’s a mission impossible

  • PRY says:

    Guys, there are 8 beds, more or less like any 77′ yacht…

  • nevena says:

    nice, having dinner like on a balcony… no view on the sides. one of the ugliest shapes and volume balance that I have ever seen.

  • Jason Golden says:

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