The Real Man’s Shaving Kit

Though it’s something I’ve only been able to appreciate in the last year or so, I believe the right shaving kit is a man’s best friend, & can also speak volumes about someone’s personality. Hail Perret is a sexy & stylish kit by designer Niclas Andersson that celebrates the art of the traditional straight razor shave in a minimal yet natural looking roll-up pack stripped down to the bare necessities: razor, lather, bowl, bristle brush, aftershave, & face towel. Perfect for the grooming craftsman or renaissance man.

Designer: Niclas Andersson


  • jack says:

    noa, the real man only needs his knife! he he

  • design+ says:

    “the real man’s shaving kit”?

    lmao, who do you think will buy such a “kit”?

    correct, kids like that in the picture who wants to be a “real man” or “hipsters” or “metro sexuals” that are as far far from real men as one can imagine.

    haha “real man’s shaving kit” hahaha.

    hilarious shit.

  • That is the dumbest comment i have ever read, why would you insult the designer for making an oldschool shaving kit? He actually crafted these parts and didnt just send in CGI images.
    Needless to say, your comment made you sound like you have nothing to do with design at all, and the rest of the industry thanks god for that.

  • Adam Henriksson says:

    Good job Niclas. I like it! If I was shaving I would want one.

  • Very nice kit (I like the shaving mug/bowl particularly). I actually find myself in the market for a good travel shaving kit (and I can`t stand cartridges or disposables), so if this ever hits market you might find me queuing up to buy one.

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