Simplicity and Style Meet in Gorgeous Bicycle

DV01 is a bicycle concept for people who want a bike to be a convenient means of transportation and a product with high aesthetic value. For many people a bicycle is a place to express personal style. It’s also a product that consists of many different components and parts, which all affect the overall impression. The focus of the project has been about finding a balance between those components. When form and function interact in a successful symbiosis, the product may last longer and loved by more people. Beautiful work David!

Photography: John Wennerberg

Designer: David Qvick


  • Great work David! I loved seeing it as it progressed. I think you have really identified an interesting part of the bike market, one where people dont necessarily want to look like a Tour de France contender.

    Excellent result David!

  • gandg says:

    aesthetic value with only one gear and no shock-absorber…give me a break!

  • heavystarch says:

    I love this bike. Simple. Functional. Clean. Stripped to the very essence of bike DNA.

    If I needed a bike to ride on around on in some urban or semi urban setting that would be wonderful.

    A carbon fiber frame would make this bike easy to tote up a few flights of stairs into the office or the home apartment.

    Seriously great design.

  • Nathan says:

    Gandg – One gear is perfectly adequate for city riding (unless you’ve got a hilly city), and makes maintenance a lot easier (there’s a lot less to go wrong).

    Surely you’re joking about shock-absorbers.

  • Great design! All its missing now is a Companion Bike Seat ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mike Barnard says:

    Lovely. Crisp. Clean. Urban with a twist of wood grain.

    Only for young uns, skinny uns or insanely fit uns. I love the aesthetic and purity of single gear bikes, but not so much the practicality outside of the prairies or Holland.

    Of course, the single-gear purity is spoiled by the free-wheel hub and the lever breaks. Makes it both more useful and less pure. Interesting contradiction.


  • Regan says:

    In what way does ‘aesthetic value’ have to do with number of gears and shock absorbers?

    This style of bike is derived from track bikes (single fixed gear, and rigid frame).

    Adding gears and shocks adds to the complexity of the design.

    The simple nature of this bike is what gives it a clean & simple appeal.

    Nice bike.

  • WZhang says:

    Not sure why a such a small rear mounted rack would need so much support. However, I like the overall look.

  • D'Andre says:

    That is the most beautiful bicycle I’ve ever seen. So clean, and I dare say, perfect.

  • design+ says:

    and how much would this cost?

    does it come with the hipster/emo person?

  • A.C.C. says:

    I like the addition of wood into the material palette, however as a cyclist, I would need something metal for the handlebars that wouldn’t give me splinters or break in a crash.

  • Kohl says:

    How functional is that rack? Can you put a pannier on it?

  • Lepton says:

    no gear, somewhat fragile, no lights.

    useless, dangerous and egotist : the perfect essence of automotive section of this site.
    That’s why we love this place ๐Ÿ™‚

    btw, absence of lights makes it not legit for road use. so, say it’s a “pretty” sculpture

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