Tea Easy

Love me a good cup of tea but when you’re own the go and need something quick, but still fresh, investing in something like the T-EASY can be a Godsend. No, not the rapture kind but still glorious (I’m still alive). It has an 8 cup capacity, demarcated so you’ll know how many tea leaves to uses per cup of water. The only flaw I see is not all teas will fit within that 1:1 ratio. For example, floral teas are very light, therefor needing more leaves/flowers per cup for water.

The product is made out of a unibody piece which is first cut from chrome stainless sheet metal and then bent. Therefore it does not need an extra process for assembly. For the transparent container, polypropylene (PP) is used, while again PP is used for the remaining plastic parts. All plastic parts are produced with injection moulding.

Designer: Dr. Hakan Gürsu for Designnobis