Explore Your CKIE

I asked Henrik Otto, SVP Global Design of Electrolux, his thoughts on CKIE. “CKIE represents an exciting opportunity for designers and consumers alike. As the consumer, the chance to participate in a unique project and help realize the production of a design heightens the value and satisfaction that comes from ownership of that particular piece. As a designer, to see the fruits of your work rewarded by the faith of others and especially through to production is incredibly rewarding.”

I must say, he has captured the essence of CKIE and articulated it well. I resonate with the sentiment that we take greater pride in owning something that is exclusive and has some meaning or worth behind it. Almost like a story…how many of us can say that we own a cup or a watch that was designer’s perfect dream! Not many; so maybe its time to explore our CKIE.

This weekend lets relive the three projects that bedazzle us with their clever techie appeal. Fine examples of how undiluted creativity makes a positive impact on consumer choice.

The Black Diamond iPhone Dock

The Deckster iPod Nano Watch

The Nooka Wall Clock