I’m always on the look out for new design talent and many of them are coming from groups, like Monocomplex from South Korea. These four young designers are creating new ideas in the realms of product design, furniture and lighting. Their collaborative efforts have created some of the most interesting modern pieces I’ve seen.

1. Icicle Lighting by Cho Jangwon
When winter comes, we can see icicles hanging. ICICLE lamp merges the functionality of a stool/table with a lamp.

2. Spool Lighting by Hwang Eunsang
I love the idea of a spool wrapped in string. And then there’s the idea of warmth associated from memories of moms and grannies sewing in the kitchen table. The illuminated aspect creates a beautiful silhouette.

3. Retro TV Lighting by Park Hyunwoo
This floor lamp takes the form of retro TV’s in Korea. It’s nostalgic yet refreshingly modern. I love the exposed structure – to see how each piece of wood connects to the other.

Designer: Monocomplex

Icicle Lighting by Cho Jangwon

Spool Lighting by Hwang Eunsang

Retro TV Lighting by Park Hyunwoo


  • kimhamyung says:

    i want Monocomplex design

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