UNO 24 Watch, No Relation

The UNO 24 wristwatch presents the entire day at a glance! The precise hour hand completes one full rotation every 24 hours. The dial is visually separated into day section and night sections. The position of the hand corresponds to the course taken by the sun – in the morning the hand appears above the horizon, at mid day it reaches its zenith and in the evening it sinks to the horizon. A delicate line at midnight marks the day change. Once the hand crosses this line, the date moves onto the next day.

A complex manufacturing process is employed to give the stainless steel case an extremely hard, jet-black surface that is normally found in professional tools. The UNO 24 has already received such coveted design awards as the Red Dot and the Good Design Award for its outstanding design quality. Another product designed German. Man, those Germans are good.

Designer: Klaus Botta for Botta Design