This sunlight-mimicking lamp harvests solar energy by day to light up your home at night

Dutch lighting brand Sunne partnered up with designer Marjan van Aubel to create their first product – a self-powered solar light that harvests by energy day to light up your home at night. Called, the Sunne light, the sunlight-mimicking lamp gathers solar energy and is in turn exclusively powered by it. It aims to bring the power of the sun into your home!

Designer: Sunne x Marjan van Aubel

“The sun is an unlimited free source of energy and is key to fighting our climate crisis,” said designer Marjan van Aubel. “By embedding solar technology, like Sunne, into our everyday lives, together we can accelerate the transition to a solar-powered future.”

The Sunne light has been equipped with photovoltaic cells and is meant to be hung in front of a window. The suspended lighting fixture collects solar energy through the entirety of the day, and at night it utilizes this energy to illuminate your home. It features an integrated battery that stores the solar energy it collects and hence eliminates any reliance on an external or additional power source. The lamp heavily draws inspiration from a horizon, and was in fact designed to look like one! It is 85 centimeters long and features a landscape-oriented panel that is supported by two wires, enabling the lamp to remain suspended in the air.

Sunne has a companion smartphone app, which allows you to control and operate the lamp better. The lamp comes in three modes – Sunne Rise, Sunne Light, and Sunne Set. You can easily switch between these modes using the smartphone app. The modes basically mimic light from three different times of the day, so you can replicate the sun when it’s rising, shining, and setting.

The Sunne lamp is made to order, which means only once an order has been placed, do the brand’s in-house technicians begin to assemble the product for you. This eliminates the issue of mass overproduction or wastage during the production process. Custom-designed components that are sustainable, efficient, and designed to be easily disassembled are utilized to create Sunne. This ensures that the lighting fixture will last a lifetime, and will never uselessly go to waste!