Keeping the Barista Art Intact

Don’t you love the artwork a barista creates in your coffee? I adore it and try to keep the foam intact until the last drop. Unfortunately mixing in the sugar always ruins it, but if I have something like the “Mix”,  I could savor my drink and enjoy the art. It’s a ceramic stirrer that funnels the sugar to the bottom without disturbing the delicate foam. It may seem frivolous to some, but I look at it from a coffee-lover’s perspective; anything to make my cuppa perfect!

Designer: Luis Carlos Hernani Junior


  • Julia says:

    if I had not worked for Starbucks and had not spent hours training to make the perfect fat white coffee, I would say this ise a useless waist of materials.
    However I have spent hours of trying to perfect the perfect pattern on a coffee and so I do understand this design, I think.

  • James says:

    Oh my god, I need one of these….oh wait, no I don't.

  • swagv says:

    People who say “cuppa” should either live in the Commonwealth or face a firing squad.

  • Alex says:

    This is so stupid…if you wanne keep the barrista art intact, drink tea.

  • Ashley says:

    This is a cute gimmick. All the haters obviously can't appreciate simple things in life.
    Just because it's not useful for them, they think it's useless.

    This is adorable and well-designed and could probably be incorporated into a plastic form for use at all coffee shops.

    (Also, I do have to say that I don't even drink coffee; I can, however, appreciate what the designer is intending.)

  • Marco says:

    just one thing: if the barista is good, most probably the coffe is good as well.
    and good coffee must not ever be in touch with sugar, meaning it is just not necessary.
    just saying…
    (just in three, now four lines)

  • juansexy says:

    Good luck trying to mix like that…it would take for ever!

    nice design though

  • Ana says:

    You can achieve this just by making a small pile of sugar on the edge of your 'art'. It eventually sinks and would make just as much of a mark as this funnel. And like Marco has mentioned good coffee doesn't need sugar. You only need sugar to cover that burnt flavour!

  • sam says:

    you still have to stir the coffee. I don't think it's a good solution

  • Damule says:

    I dont know u guys, but i actually LOVE to drink it ALL together, including the “cream” on top.
    Useless design…

  • davedamian says:

    Wow, awesome design, really useful, being a barista myself, I understand how difficult it is to make the art, and, have to admit, it hurts a little when customers mercilessly sink their stirrer/spoon on it, and completely destroy it.
    But, as it has already been said, good coffee doesn't need sugar, I don't consider myself that good, though xD

  • vicdesign says:

    i donnt think this will take something bettle . we can leave it alone ,right?

  • Bo says:

    it’s a cute idea. unfortunately the funnel would fill with coffee, most likely making the sugar clump up inside as the liquid crawls upwards while filling in the sugar.

    prototype for a test positive/negative?

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