iPad 2 Window

I was once referred as “loopy” by a group of designers because I wanted a house with giant displays in lieu of actual windows. The displays could provide a real view of the outside world or provide any kind of scenery I wanted. Fast forward 8 years later and someone else is thinking the same using the iPad 2. Doable yes? But will anyone do it? Doubt it. I still think it’s a cool idea though.

Designer: John Leung

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XK1B6l5WDh0 600 451]


  • James says:

    So is the marketing campaign going to say the obvious or try to ignore it altogether like it's done here? “buy the new ipad, we've made another cute little gimmick for you you're going to want……oh by the way, you'll need to buy four of them and find some way of sticking them to walls. But buy it anyway! Remember, I said ipad, you know you want one!”.

  • Confucius says:

    If give this one big fat yawn.

  • Kenwi says:

    There is already a system where you can mount a camera out side or connect to one of many cameras arounfd the world to display on to video screens that are used as skylights or windows

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