Alls My Monies

Supervision is the personal financial assistant you wish you had. The electronic budget diary scans receipts, charts money coming in/out, talks to your bank, and gives you monthly expense details so you can balance your finances more effectively – or for most people, at all. The display doubles as a touchscreen and comes with a stylus so you can manage your monies the old fashioned way too.

Designer: Eun-Gyeong Gwon


  • MadCow says:

    although useful in its own right, not all receipts or all shops/restaurants structure their receipts exactly the same, although info like time and place can probably be manually input.

    would go great with the iphone and some chianti.

    • zippyflounder says:

      if you can read the print at all. The reality is your cash purchases (non electronic) are genraly for sums so small as to not to worry about or to people/events that you dont really want a “record” of. There will allways be cash, you need it for bribes and other purhcases that are against the law.

  • Brian says:

    Not so sure about this – seems like initially a good idea but far too many problems arise for it to be useable in the current environment.

  • Denalinea says:

    I need one of these. Where can you get them?

  • Hadley says:

    Pretty amazing! does something similar…though not quite as convenient as the above.

  • wait so i have to remember every thing to scan it in then right?

  • Eric says:

    Once it’s more common to pay for things with your cellphone this could just be an application on the iPhone or any other smart phone with purchase abilities. It will just share the info with the app and track things perfectly- no scanning. The reason I say that is because I think the cellphone transaction system (which is already being installed widely and used) is going to catch on waaaay faster than this system could ever get a strong following from now. People won’t see the need to find another pocket for another gadget with only money tracking abilities. And if you can’t keep track of your cash because you don’t realize you’re broke until your wallet is empty, stop buying useless gadgets.

    • MadCow says:

      Thats a good point, however, i don’t ever see physical copies of transactions being phased out as digital information always run the risk of being completely erased or have higher potential of being altered, i.e. you never feel safe with online purchases until you print out the receipt or at least have a printable copy stored safe somewhere on your HD. that being said, i do think that something like this would go great into the cellphone system and not being sold individually.

      useless gadgets are what makes men men! and they always go great with chianti!

      • Eric says:

        Very true. Let us not forget that all money will have RFID tags embeded in them (probably by the time this thing could come out) It’s not a question of if, but when. It will happen. All new passports already do…. Money (or some sort of tangible value) will always exist though, for many reasons.

  • Chung Dha says:

    Not all receipts are the same size plus I know some store that print out a whole a4. And if you own a company you get allot of invoices which are mostly a4 size. For the other functions you could also buy a normal phone that does it too.

  • Canastrophy says:

    I usually scan in all my receipts at the end of each month via my HP Scanner, but this looks like a handy addition! It needs BluTooth though, so it can create a backup or “Financial Report” on my PC.

  • Owen Song says:

    Amazing!!! Where can I buy this?

  • jin_woo_han says:


  • mx says:

    still have to scan them. i’m too lazy for that

  • j2ulove says:

    WOW!!I need this one!!!!!!

  • ryan says:

    qute! I want it !

  • jun hyerim says:

    awesome !!! ^^
    i ‘m proud you

  • Cloud Levi says:


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