Invisible Chairs for Childlike Designers

If you’ve got all your industrial design history in order, you’re aware of the magnificent Phillipe Starck. If you’re familiar with mister Starck, you might also be familiar with his awesome chair by the name of Mr Impossible – this chair is made entirely of transparent plastic and appears to be too wild to be true. Of course now we know that plastic can easily do such a thing, but back when it was invented, Mr Impossible really seemed impossible!

Now what designer Paul Sandip wants to do and has done is a tribute chair, or set of chairs, paying homage to the great father-figure-designer. See here a chair with four legs and transparency up the wazoo, made in three iterations: imagination of a painter, curiosity of a scientist and the enigma of a magician.

Note – these chairs are active. Each one has a mass of polystyrene balls inside, they reacting to shaking and electrostatic energy. Lots of fun for that wacky running all around the house kid on carpet!

Designer: Paul Sandip