Auto Freedom for Brazil and Beyond

By now, since I and we have mentioned it so often due to its massive spread of influence over the world of industrial design, we must assume you’ve seen the movie Minority Report. This film is a futuristic vision of the world in which one of the greatest innovations is the integrated highway system, one where no longer are there roads on which you can crash your car, but essentially rails on which you plug your destination in and you’re carried along your way. What the designers in this project have done is to make that auto system a reality – sort of.

The “OU” project, this set of cars and the highways they drive on, is a manifestation of ou, aka “or” in Portuguese. This project comes from the designer’s desire to deal with a common Brazilian desire to be flexible and get to and from locations at the times they wish rather than riding on public transport and fitting themselves to that timeline and set of guidelines. This project wants to provide that individual transport, the kind that allows for movement at any time for any person, to also work on conserving space, energy consumption, and to reduce pollution (compared to a gas guzzling car for each person.) This track and car system is a design inspired by the movement of shoal-fish. Colorful, unified, and wonderful.

2:1 – Industrial Design team: 
Alexandre dos Santos Turozi
Elisa Strobel
Ivandro de Barros Ribeiro
Jose Serafim Junior
Mayara Atherino Macedo
Rodrigo Brasil Krieger
Theo Orosco da Silva
Donato Goncalves do Nascimento

Designer: 2:1 Industrial Design Team