Wacky Cuckoo!

As you may already be aware, Little Thoughts Group is holding an exhibition by the name of Imprints: Designing for Memories at the National Museum of Singapore. This project (and one other we wrote yesterday, plus more) are currently up at that museum until January 11th, 2011. Take a look! Take a peek here first, of course. This project goes by the name of Kampong Cuckoo and it’s a clock of memories. It recalls the designers time as a child in 1970’s Singapore, where the sounds of growing up are now instilled inside the clocks works.

The number “5” is mirrored in the clocks face because the designer had some mishaps with the number (and it’s a favorite!) The white wind-up key is held on with a magnet and can open the clock body from the side. Inside the clock is access to its batteries and some nice shelves.

As this clock chimes, it reveals new sounds for each impression. Recalling a childhood is as simple as counting the hours in a day:

1am : mosquito
2am : owl
3am : bats
4am : cricket
5am : mouse
6am : rooster
7am : wash cloth
8am : kick start ride bike to work
9am : my pets
10am : kampong games
11am : sewing machine
12pm : “ah gong” parrot
1pm : pond
2pm : play “goh li” – Marbles
3pm : chicken farm
4pm : sell food
pm : read & write
6pm : cook
7pm : favorite show
8pm : music
9pm : 70s TV program
10pm : count sheep till you sleep
11pm : kampong insects
12pm : snoring

Notice the lack of a certain hour in the PM.

Designer: Chan Wai Lim of Little Thoughts Group design collective