A side table and a projector merge to keep you entertained and your smartphone charged!

What does your nighttime routine look like? My ideal routine is to sit down, recap my day while jotting down the learning’s on my journal, and planning the day to come in advance – indulging in some TLC. Now while that is ideal, the reality is we sleep off with our phone clutched in one hand, our latest binge-watching series playing as a disturbing lullaby that haunts our dreams! With the pandemic disturbing sleep cycles and routines, and the infinite scrolling syndrome gripping the world, designer Younghyun Kim designed a unique side table that stays by your bed, handles your smartphone for you, and lets you relax with your favorite show before you lean over and switch it off with ease. Meet the smart side table that is staying with modern times – the Projectable!

Projectable, derived by merging a projector+table is a one-stop solution for your relaxing needs, consider it a spa for your phone! The first thing this table does is wirelessly charge your phone through the small gap that slots and holds your phone comfortably. Now depending on your mood, you can let your phone rest or, unwind by watching everything from a kitten video to kinetic sand cutting ASMR videos using the projector – no more squinting at the tiny screen! The fabric mesh-covering visually separates the movable projector-head that provides almost 90 degrees rotation. The tactile buttons on the surface control the projector angle and volume levels while switching it off is as easy as leaning over and turning off your night light. The drawer of the table opens with a light, so you can adjust and organize the wires neatly. The accompanying smartphone app lets you match the audio and screen to fit the space. In addition, you can enjoy various functions such as setting the time and recommending content that suits you.

Available in neutral tones that match any given interior, this table is the perfect accompaniment to your comfy chair or bedside, allowing you to relax totally and providing hands-free entertainment while recharging your phone! I would love to get my hand on multiple Projectables and create cozy, hands-free spots for every member of my home!

Designer: Younghyun Kim of Designer Dot