Providing of Garden Access

Who loves alterations? We love alterations. Especially when they turn a Victorian house in a conservative area with access to the backyard garden only through a utility room between the basement and ground floors. It was just silly! Now it’s spectacular. Architect Tamir Addadi, quickly becoming a favorite of mine, took this space and transformed it into a modern masterpiece.

To turn this home into one where nature plays a significant part in the daily activities of the family, the entire back garden was excavated and the basement floor was extended into it. A new lounge area was created, the stone floor of the garden extending directly into it. In the lounge is a wooden bar table that continues the garden’s floor level, a horizontal storage unit forming an additional level between the basement floor and the garden.

Eventually climbing plants will grow to surround the new extension of the garden, the entire new area working together to create a single transitional space. A new bathroom and utility area were also added around this area, and changes were made throughout the house to tie the entire living space into one whole.

Work included the design of bespoke carpentry units, kitchen, landscape design and project management.

Client: private 
General contractor: Clean Living e: [email protected]
Carpentry at the extension: Folde e: [email protected]

Structural engineer: HPS, e: [email protected]

Garden: Joan Scanlon, e: [email protected]

Design: Tamir Addadi, Raphael Cohen
Photography and sketches by Tamir Addadi

Designer: Tamir Addadi