Hearing Spaces

Presenting the ICC Kids Program 2010 “What Sounds Do We Hear?”, held at the NTT Intercommunication Center [ICC]. It’s a space that focuses on sounds that we’d otherwise only casually encounter in our everyday life. This exhibition asks the questions “What is it that our ears hear and what kind of information do we receive? How is “hearing” different from “seeing”?” This space is composed of 82 wavy shaped cloths hanged at 250mm clearance in a space of changing shape. Fabulous.

The exhibition space (CH=3m) is divided “like a cave” into 6 individual spaces by the cloth overhead. Each of these places has scattered light as provided by the cloth making magnificent the light already available in the space before the exhibition. In that this space is separated by such movable materials, such breakable bonds, the stations are separate but one, the same way that our everyday experience with sound is one. “People explore the cave while feeling the sign of the next exhibition and finding out their interest one after another.” Lovely.

Designer: Nobuaki Doi (SOUP DESIGN)