Electro Ambient Wall Coverings

Here’s something rather spectacular. A very simple concept when it comes down to it, a rather long explanation if you’d like to take the time to understand the intricacy. What you’ve got here is a project called Inconspicuous Matter, a project involving electro reactive wallpaper. What does that mean in a nutshell? Wallpaper that LIGHTS UP!

In an effort to visualize electrical energy flows, this project shows just that through responsive materials set up to be fabulous ambient displays, reacting to energy blasted through their veins, reacting with fabulous colors galore! This project takes material design and uses it to demand users attention (quite well I’d imagine) generating in them awareness. Awareness of what, you might ask? Well first the magical innovation displayed in this project, of course, look it’s amazing! Then in the actual visual flow or energy that’d otherwise be invisible. Feel free to read these paragraphs that act as a sort of manifesto behind this project, then take a peek at the gallery and video presentation below:

Design Rationale

Can the visualization of electrical energy flows lead to textile and material innovation?

Energy is an invisible and yet incredibly valuable resource. The ways in which we consume energy, and the amount that we use, is highly unsustainable and industries are now dealing with issues surrounding energy overconsumption, origins and uses. It is important that we consider not only how we are using energy, but also where it comes from. In a world driven by innovation but struggling with sustainable concerns, the emergence of research and applications available in clean energy resources is significant, but the use of it is still not really spread from industries to individuals. Moreover, considerable development of new energy resources or technologies to noticeably increase their production and uses would take several decades.1

In the domestic environment, electricity is the first named energy manifestation. However, hidden within the design of unappealing appliances and mechanisms that minimize energy’s real importance and significance, electrical energy access is, for most people, taken for granted. Moreover, because the current market in electronic / electric appliances for domestic environment promises convenience and comfort aplenty, saving energy is still seen as something negative that make everyday life less comfortable. 2

Notes :

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[2] : Beaux Art editions, (2007) So Watt! Du design dans l’energie [So Watt! Design in energy], Paris : EDF espace Electra.

Designer: Celine Marcq