Kitchen Special – Only The Best Tools Will Do!

The festive season is a time when your entire family comes together for the holidays. With a house full of hungry tummies to feed, the kitchen ends up being the hotspot for all to hang out. Here are some ideas to spice up your kitchen and make it feel warm, inviting and elegant. I bet you’re cooking up a handsome feast for all!

Trinity Holder by Lisa Hilland

Having a bowl full of savories for the munchies is a very good idea. I usually have finger foods, candies and nuts put out so that anyone passing by can easily pickup a handful. The Trinity holder is perfect for this, simply because you can have a spread of three things in one go.

Colors: Black & White
Price: $59

Tom, Dick & Harry Thabto

Tea, coffee or me? Haha! With family around, let the third jar be sugar, just this once!

Price: $49

Pipette Vinegar Bottles by Camilla Kropp

This condiment container set presents a very scientific way of  flavoring your meal. I’m sure curious children will love to have it on the table.

Price: Set of 2 for $59

Magnetic Spice Stand by Zevro

Besides being a space saver, the Magnetic Spice Stand does your kitchen proud by displaying all the exotic spices you’ve invested in.

Price: $49.00

SmartSpace Food Dispenser by Zevro

This is such a clever way of holding grains and pasts or breakfast cereal. It can’t get smarter than this…. save space and have something interesting adorning your kitchen wall.

Price: $47.00

Orb Pestle & Mortar by Joseph Joseph

This is a classy pestle & mortar that you can leave right on the countertop and ever so subtly get someone else to do the pounding and grinding. How wicked are we!

Price: $30

Nest 8 Nesting Set by Joseph Joseph

What’s really attractive about this set are the colors and functionality. At one go you have bowls, sieves, measuring cups, strainers, etc. nestled together. They add a dash of vibrant energy to the room.

Price: $50

Elevate Utensils by Joseph Joseph

The Elevate Utensils set keeps countertops clean and food right where they should be, the pot and your stomach. There’s a tiny kick-up joint that elevates the tool-end. Hygiene makes food taste better.

Price: $40 for multicolor pack of 6

Bowlboard by Ute Australian Design

The Bowlboard has four cups embedded into the board and is quite convenient as a prep station.

Price: $69

Index Plus Chopping Board by Joseph Joseph

A set of color coded knives and chopping boards keep your foods from cross-contaminating. Every professional chef has something like this except the Index Chopping Board is better designed and looks really nice in the kitchen.

Price: $80