Favorite Mobile News Reader, The Flud

Its slick interface has the media gushing so we decided to give it a go. There’s a diverse collection of content already featured in the Flud ecosystem. Each one you subscribe to gets its own panel and regardless of said content’s CSS, the Flud app overrides it with its utilitarian, yet visually engaging interface. Want it? Act fast because it’s free to download both on the iPhone and iPad for a limited time. Android user? Don’t feel left out. Hit the jump and I’ll tell you a secret…

It’s coming to Android! Not only that but expect some awesome updates to the iPhone version like Google Reader syncing and proper categorization. Flud has become our favorite way to keep tabs on our friends already in the ecosystem, e.g. Gizmodo, Notcot and Fubiz. Question is when will Yanko Design get all up in that? Any of you already using Flud?

The Flud | @fludapp