UPDATE: Holy Cup of Doubleness

Now in mid-production! So be sure to Pre-order the Holey Jolly on CKIE, the offer is open for a very limited time.

Holy cheese anyone? This is a cup with holes in it. What’s the use? Well it keeps your hands cool when you pour in a hot drink, for one. But wait! Won’t the hot drink sploosh out the sides when poured in the top? No way! Know why? Because there’s two layers. The outer layer has holes, the inner layer contains the liquid. Sound good? Sounds super fancy! Sounds great!

Oh Makiko Nakamura, you are a designer of some excellent intent. Not only does one pay more attention to the container one is drinking out of when they’re drinking out of this, they’ve got a completely functional hand protector on their hands. If your drink is super hot or if your drink is super cool, doesn’t matter! Your hands will be safe. Rockin!

Designer: Makiko Nakamura