Chubbify Your iPhone 4

I just find this iPhone 4 case by Arkwhat hilarious. While Apple spends millions on R&D to make their phone as thin as possible, a soft goods manufacturer puts out a case to make it as fat as possible. The Arkhippo I – Love it! It’s made of dense foam in a myriad of colors – super lightweight and shaped like an old school brick. Yes, I’m sure those of you old enough to remember the beginnings of cellular technology will remember how FAT phones were.

Aside from the constant looks and side-eyes I received from strangers, I didn’t mind the case at all. Forget about carrying this in your pocket. You’re gonna need a purse or a murse… wait, a man bag? It’s also the ONLY iPhone case I actually believed would protect my phone from a perilous fall and sure enough, not a single scratch. It’s not for everyone but definitely a fun gift.

What we loved:

  • Goes against the grain, fat phones for everybody!
  • Can stand on its own.
  • Thoughtful notch at the bottom so speaker isn’t hidden.
  • Lots of colors!

What could be improved:

  • Umm, neon lights?

Designer: Arkwhat (Buy it here)