For The Love Of Coffee – Mugs Available At YD Store

Born in a house where tea-drinkers thrived, I was the outcast and was treated as odd moody mad-eye for loving coffee! Just to jibe everyone, I would go out and buy myself the most exclusive coffee mug in town and would savor my treat in it. This would naturally irk my mom, but me being me…I soon had a collection of quirky and snazzy mugs! Did you know that the YD Store too had some awesome coffee mugs in their collection? Here’s a peek…maybe you’ll end up with an enviable collection yourself!

1) Mood Mugs by Thabto

Three cute little tykes to match your mood – Happy, Moody & Sleepy make you the Mood Mug Collection. We showcased this set at the digital Summer Event that Ubergizmo hosted, and guess what…someone stole this set from the table!

Price: $16 each

2) Mug! By Thabto

The Blinged knuckle duster command attention! Available in black and white, nobody messes with my black n silver bling!

Price: $18 each

3) Teeth Mug by Lee Wellang

Individually hand carved to toothy perfection….a dental whim or Dracula’s Christmas gift…whom would you gift this to?

Price: $24 each

4) Zipper Mug by Lee Wellang

Intended for tea actually, the tea-bag kinds…. this makes it to my coffee-cup list purely for its style. Love that crazy zipper effect that the mug has!

Price: Set Of 2 for $40

5) Kill Time Gun Mug by ChilliChilly

Kill time in black and white and yet spill no blood! Kill Time Gun Mug is ideal for those who like hypothetical violence and play with BB guns!

Price: $17 each