Friday Giveaway: Win The $245 Carga Bag 02

Long Tran (LT) gave us an in-depth review on the Carga Bags and it turns out his bag was the scene stealer at most occasions. The question is: do you want to be in the limelight as well? Apparently LT carried his iPhone, wallet, checkbook, pen, pencil, graph paper, Nintendo DS, Nikon D40, Sigma 30mm lens, Nikkor 55mm lens, laptop and a book in his bag. If you want to win this super exclusive bag, tell us FIVE things you would carry in your Carga 02!

More on Carga Bags:

Carga (which means “load or to carry” in Spanish) is an alternative Argentinean bag brand which has fused sleek, contemporary, architectural design with unique materials to deliver a wearable yet stylish product.

Carga 02 Messenger Features:

  • industrial wool felt
  • aluminum rivets
  • distressed leather strap
  • serial numbered
  • die-cut handle
  • internal leather pocket
  • key hook

CARGA’s architectural design style is heavily influenced by construction techniques using fabrics and hardware parts. No visible branding can be seen apart from a steel disc embossed with a unique serial number. Each bag is constructed out of industrial felt secured by aluminum rivets.

Carga Bags are available at the YD Store

Contest Closes: 11th April, 11:59 pm PST Contest Closed

Friday Giveaway: Win The Carga Bag 02