Friday Giveaway: Win The $245 Carga Bag 02

Long Tran (LT) gave us an in-depth review on the Carga Bags and it turns out his bag was the scene stealer at most occasions. The question is: do you want to be in the limelight as well? Apparently LT carried his iPhone, wallet, checkbook, pen, pencil, graph paper, Nintendo DS, Nikon D40, Sigma 30mm lens, Nikkor 55mm lens, laptop and a book in his bag. If you want to win this super exclusive bag, tell us FIVE things you would carry in your Carga 02!

More on Carga Bags:

Carga (which means “load or to carry” in Spanish) is an alternative Argentinean bag brand which has fused sleek, contemporary, architectural design with unique materials to deliver a wearable yet stylish product.

Carga 02 Messenger Features:

  • industrial wool felt
  • aluminum rivets
  • distressed leather strap
  • serial numbered
  • die-cut handle
  • internal leather pocket
  • key hook

CARGA’s architectural design style is heavily influenced by construction techniques using fabrics and hardware parts. No visible branding can be seen apart from a steel disc embossed with a unique serial number. Each bag is constructed out of industrial felt secured by aluminum rivets.

Carga Bags are available at the YD Store

Contest Closes: 11th April, 11:59 pm PST Contest Closed

Friday Giveaway: Win The Carga Bag 02



  • Tracey Byram says:

    breath mints

  • Daniel says:

    1. iPhone
    2. Nikon D90
    3. MacBook Air
    4. Wallet
    5. Keys

  • Jennifer H. says:

    1. Chapstick
    2. Keys
    3. Phone
    4. Lotion
    5. Zune

  • matt says:

    1) Nikon D300s with Nikon 50mm 1.4
    2) Powerbook G4
    3) Ipod
    4) School books
    5) Pens

  • sheh says:

    love the bag 🙂

    Five things i would put in it:

    1) A 13″ MacBook named Xena
    2) Sony PSP (for long commutes)
    3) Samsung Omnia
    4) Music scores and pencil in a folder
    5) Sweater to keep me warm

  • Justin says:

    1) My passport.
    2) A change of clothes.
    3) One Kindle; two thousand (e)books.
    4) Several copies of my resumé.
    5) The keys to a new life.

  • zach says:

    1. Notebook.
    2. pens. Fourish, I always lose them :S
    3. Ipod. My pockets are all sweaty and nasty.
    4. Buisness cards.
    5. Craptop. Oh, I mean, “ipad”… If I had one…


  • Sara says:

    5. Fiiiive golden legal pads.
    4. Four college books.
    3. Three fresh pens.
    2. Letters from my love (in Iraq).
    1. And a partly written term paper.

  • Mihir says:

    1. Dell notebook
    2. Franklin planner
    3. Nintendo DS
    4. water bottle
    5. The Dalai Lama’s Little Book of Inner Peace: The Essential Life and Teachings

  • ClayBratt says:

    1. Voodoo Envy 133
    2. BookBook laptop case
    3. Zune HD
    4. Keys
    5. Scetchbook/mechanical pencils

  • Skazz says:

    1. Cape
    2. Bat-Grapple
    3. Batarangs
    4. Bat-Marine-Animal-Repellent-Spray
    5. Leftover noodle salad

  • Jeff says:

    -Macbook Pro
    -Sketch Book
    -iPod touch
    -Personal Portfolio
    -Drawing Utensils

  • Jeff says:

    -Macbook Pro
    -Sketch Book
    -iPod touch

  • Sunny Thaper says:

    -Macbook Pro
    -Canon 5D Mark II

  • Tammy Kennedy says:

    sticky notes
    car keys

  • Josh says:

    1) Boogie Board (writing tablet)
    2) Kindle 2
    3) iPhone
    4) 20oz bottle of Mountain Dew
    5) Headphones

  • Neophytos says:

    1. iPad
    2. Nikon D40
    3. Headphones
    4. Moleskin Notebook
    5. iPhone

  • willie says:

    2)Fujitsu Stylistic ST5112 slate Tablet PC
    3)Totes Umbrella
    4)Sketch Book
    5)Monster Beats in-ear headphones

  • Kimanh says:

    I would put…

    my husband’s laptop,
    my husband’s keys,
    my husband’s pens,
    my husband’s gridbook,
    and a photo of me…

    so my husband cold look trendy when he goes to work.

  • will says:

    1-industrial wool belt
    2-distressed leather maps
    3-cereal serial numbers
    4-die-cut sandals
    5-internal leather sprockets

  • Scott says:

    1-Spare bike tire
    2-A pot of peanut butter
    3-Various gum wrappers
    4-graphing calculator
    5-Sketch pad

  • SirPsycho says:

    1. Roughly 20 Koh-i-noor pencils of different varieties
    2. Notebooks that aren’t Moleskine (they’re not massive enough for lesson notes)
    3. Zen Vision M (goes in the safest spot)
    4. Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering (4th Edition)
    5. The Real Frank Zappa Book

  • tomgyrll says:

    my camera
    my notebook
    my pencils
    my other notebook
    my laptop

    ie my ideas

  • Otter says:

    1 – Macbook pro
    2 – Wallet
    3 – Keys
    4 – sketchbook
    5 – condoms (in case of someone falls in love with the bag)

  • 1- Guardian Weekly
    2- Macbook
    3- Stationary galore
    4- Cologne
    5- Ninja stars

  • Matt Milan says:

    Cross Pen Set
    Ipod Nano
    Teavana 8 oz Canister and infuser
    The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Kuhn
    Davek Solo umbrella

  • Ben says:

    1. Nikon D90 18-105mm VR lens
    2. iPhone 3g
    3. Sharp sh-01b
    4. Instax Mini 7s or Polaroid UO Special Edition
    5. Dr.Grip Pen & Pencil
    6. Moleskine Agenda
    7. Marc Jacobs Cologne

  • Johnny says:

    1.) Reporter’s notebook
    2.) Cell phone
    3.) Canon HV30
    4.) Condoms
    5.) Lockblade knife

  • Naomi Gomez says:

    1.-wallet with a penny..maybe two.
    3.-journal and pen( a cool pen of course)
    4.-the pill
    5.-chapstick (several flavors)

  • Lei says:

    2.LG Viewty
    3.Canon G11
    4.Sketch book

  • Vonk says:

    1. My mother’s Ashes
    2. A bottle of wine
    3. A plastic cup
    4. A blanket
    5. A lot of memories.

  • Will Wetherilt says:

    1) Laptop
    2) Bike lock
    3) Moleskine
    4) Lamy Pencil
    5) Koss PortaPro’s

  • danto says:

    1. Choco Pie
    2. Ramen
    3. Raybans
    4. Laptop
    5. Wooden Chopsticks

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