iDrop Information, Simple!

i dropper this wonderful stylus pen for an intuitive connective experience on mobile devices. Gadgets like smart phones, laptops, and PDAs form the essence of our environment these days and the intuitive i dropper interface allows you to connect fast and move data between devices in a jiffy. Modeled on the eyedropper, this new-age thang allows you to “suck in” and “drop out” information such as a mobile application, text, or an image.

This easy step eliminates the complexities of existing transmission process between devices to an intuitive eyedropper method.

Here is how it works:

The button at the top controls the inwards-outwards action, which is reminiscent of the rubber tip of an eyedropper. The stored information is displayed (like liquid) with illuminated icons within the stem.


Designers: Heo Jaeyoung, Jin Hoyoung & Jung Han-Bi