Composting in Muted Tones

It’s the funny situation we’re in as a society, one where we’ve got lovely green resources such as plant “waste” that ends up going to waste each day of the year simply because our day-to-day lives don’t have room for collecting and using. Instead that waste does indeed go to waste, but designers Patrice Mouillé & Alain Tessier want to put a hand toward ending that with Vertuo, a Worm composter.

Decorative pots for making compost with worms. Our little lovely friends! With these elegant, simple, clean pots there’s an efficient speedy project anyone can take on. Vertuo opens “with a simple twist of the lid” becoming open and ready for a little litter at the bottom of the first compartment. The litter is a mix of newsprint, sand, soil, water, and earthworms.

The compost goes through traps that are drawn once the tank is filled from above. Each time you add fresh waste into the top compartment, you continue the composting process. Below, the user can collect liquid fertilizer and grab his or her compost to “green his Vertuo” and his entire home.

The ceramic is ceramic so that it might retain the optimum amount of humidity for the compost and of the compost. Glazed ceramic is hygienic, aesthetically pleasing, inert, tough, rot proof, and resistant to the outdoor elements.

Designer: Patrice Mouillé & Alain Tessier