Car Shelves Galore

So you’ve got your bike-sharing situation in the city, do you? We’ve got one over here in Minneapolis, and it’s working great! Electric bikes for everyone! Mister Roberto Dei Lidi liked such an idea, but wanted to spread it on over to cars. Car sharing, you say? Not just any car sharing, electric car sharing! How would you do such a thing? With a tower of cars, of course.

This project has to do with the development of a park system aimed at electric car sharing. In doing so, very space-conscious parking is needed, so an automatic parking assistant and charging station “Smart Tower” is formed. Cars are lifted and rotated to save space and allow for individual vehicle assignment (based on how long it’s been since the car was plugged in or cleaned, I must guess.) And power is generated through solar panels and vertical wind turbines, of course!

Designer: Roberto Dei Lidi