Music-Savvy ambient lamp


The Houat lamp takes a classy looking lighting product and brings technology into it to enrich its experience. Most lamps powered by IoT (Internet of Things, for the abbreviationally challenged) usually take on a different, more tech, futuristic aesthetic. They make use of gloss white plastic, along with metal to look state of the art. The Houat on the other hand, looks much more in keeping with contemporary interiors.

Apart from being just a lamp, the Houat also boasts of an integrated speaker. Sync your music source with the Houat to have your own personal light show pulsating to the rhythm of the music. The Houat’s phone app also allows you to set the color and intensity of the LED lamp to cater to your ever-changing mood, making this a multifaceted, well-rounded, effective lighting solution that you mustn’t live without!

Designers: NoDesign and Puzzle Lab.