Watch how this rusty old drill bit is converted into a 24k gold-plated Kunai throwing knife

YouTuber Random Hands has a reputation for transforming absolutely anything into a shiny, brilliantly hand-crafted EDC tool. The man’s turned an anvil into Thor’s Mjolinr, a rusted bolt into a pair of scissors, and now, a grungy industrial drill bit worthy of the scrapyard into a pretty brilliant Kunai throwing knife. The process pretty much started with identifying the right bit of raw material for the project – some bits were too narrow, some too short. Finally, Random Hands settled on a large honker of a drill bit, only because the actual drill part would be practically unusable. Made from incredibly hard materials, the drill would be difficult to forge, and would crack if hammered into shape. Instead, the rest of the bit would be where Random Hands worked his magic. A bit of forging, hammering, angular-grinding, polishing, and anodizing later, the bit got turned from a rusty old mess into a shimmering Kunai. As impressive as the end result is, the process is just as enticing, as Random Hands gives you a sneak peek at every single process required to get from raw material to finished EDC.

Designer: Random Hands

One-half of the drill bit was used to make the Kunai. It involved separating the hardened steel from the softer low-carbon steel part and then forging the low-carbon steel into a flat plate. Random Hands then used a drawn template to create the Kunai’s design on the flat metal slab, before cutting the slab to the desired shape.

Once cut, the Kunai went to the lathe machine to smooth out the handle, and the sanding machine to flatten out the blade, its edges, and the handle. As the Kunai’s final form took shape, Random Hands chucked it back in the oven to help the surface harden, before polishing it and letting it rest in pre-heated sand.

Before polishing

After polishing

The polished Kunai is then nickel-plated before getting a plating of 24-carat gold. Once coated with a shimmering layer of the precious metal, the Kunai is finished with a woven grip, right before it gets tested against a dart board. The Kunai was originally a farming and general-purpose tool in Japan, which was then adapted as a throwing weapon by the ninjas. It’s unclear if this particular 24k gold Kunai is up for sale, but Random Hands does mention that it weighs a hefty 328 grams.