Heaviest Duty Candle Holder

You’ve always wondered what would happen if someone took the whole idea of holding a candle to the limits of fine craftsmanship and heaviness. That time and place and situation are here and now and go by the name “Waingro.” This is the candlestick holder you’ve always dreamed of. Made for those with really, really expensive furniture and rooms full of fine, fine items of splendor. Waingro is a stainless steel industrial candle holder partly crafted and polished by hand. Weighing in at over 2 lbs each and straight outta Denmark.

Designed to combat the idea that a candle holder isn’t an item that can be more than just a cheap, mass produced object created under who-knows-what kind of conditions. The Waingro is sustainably made to be precious and fabulous and the highest of quality for your powerful home.

Now watch the video and listen to the smooth musak presentation beats.

Designer: Waingro LLC