Quick Dry For Clothes With Aroma And Breeze!

Breeze Racks is a collapsible system of a blower, aroma dispenser, hollow bars and hollow-with-many-holes hangers; intended to dry your laundry faster, on wet rainy days. It works like this; you set up the frame and fit each hollow hanger into the hole cutout on the horizontal bar. The end of the frames fit into the blower which blows out warm air and fragrances. Once the setup is complete you simply hang your freshly washed clothes on the hanger and let the system do its work.

I quite like the fact that you can completely knock-down this stand for easy storage. Where I live, we have three months of non-stop rains and I need to hang the clothes on metal stands and place them under the fan. Its three month of pure agony as far as laundry chores is concerned. Something like this Breeze Racks can be quite a boon! Oh and yes I am stubborn, I prefer hand-washed clothes to machine-washed & dried!

Designer: Qin Shuai