Are You 100% Korean This September – Part II

As promised, here is the second installment on the Korean Activities this September at 100% Design London. Just a reminder that their stand is located at L70 and you can visit them anytime between 23rd and 26th September 2010. What really fascinates me is the diverse collection they are showcasing, In Part I we saw amusing jewelry, ceramics, glass, lights and children’s furniture. In this episode I bring to you clocks, bathroom fixtures, pillows and lots more cool stuff. So enjoy!

A Moment by BD Lighting

Peaceful pebble lights with dainty birds that depict an everyday scene that we seldom stop to observe. This is the Moment Lamp, exquisite and delightful!

The Zen Shower by Cebien Co. LTD.

Zen (extreme right picture) as its name suggests is a system that aims at giving you a soothing shower experience. Everything is carefully planned and laid out. The liquid soap & shampoo dispensers have a special dedicated space, so that they are easily accessible during the shower. The entire line-up is very user-friendly and practical.

Time Saving Clock by 9F

If you are the tardy sort and being late for a meeting is the norm, then this Time Saving Clock is for you! Here is how it works: The watch’s needle is attached to the screws, so depending on your intentions will show both the time set earlier by you, and the actual, current time.

The RIM Series by Cell International

RIM is a series of media poles that integrates contents with picturesque inferences to lush forests and green trees in an urban landscape.

Embroidery Tile by Insnine Co Ltd.

Inspired by Korean traditional embroidery styles, these tiles can be used as both internal and external finishes to walls and floors. Rich with the cultural influences of ethnic Korea, it can’t get better than this!

Touch & Touch Light by Taewon Lighting Co Ltd.

Touch & Touch Light uses superior technology and traditional influences in its style. It is the reinterpretation of the Chosun era’s modern and Asian style. It hosts a ‘touch center’ to control and change the intensity of light, depending if you are reading or dining or working.

iPole 7 by Tangerine & Partners

Take Korean sensibilities and marry it with European perfectionism and you will get Tangerine & Partners! A design house that comes from the heart of Europe to Seoul, to create the finest in seating options, including the iPole 7! The design of iPole7 takes into account sedentary modern lifestyle and addresses the issue with its dynamic design. Here is what makes this special: “The usual backrest was replaced with a “chest-rest” against which you can lean your upper body while the armrests help distribute the pressure you feel on your chest. These and the seat that ergonomically follows the curve of your back are all professionally designed to preserve your spinal health.”

The KKOT Cushion by Philmuk Co Ltd.

Using the elegant Korean brush-hand-writing as its design-resource, Philmuk captures the essence of calligraphy with its KKOT Cushions in the Zhong Kun Kim’s calligraphy series. Totally Amazing!

This wraps up our Korea Design feature for the upcoming 100% Design Festival London. YD hope’s to bump into you there!