Chair on One Foot

What stands on one foot, is usually very useful, but upon its intended function is functionless? Trick question! Nothing is functionless. This is “The Balance,” and it stands on one leg OR can be used as a chair. Designer Pascal Anson has a trick to play on all of us and its called PERFECT CUTS. Three very accurate, precise cuts to be exact, and a very deep message one doesn’t often see in industrial design that’s often very far away from so-called “useless” artistic expression.

You’ve got to watch the video below to get the whole idea behind this project AND to see how it functions. You can understand when I write: it stands on one leg, or two legs, as opposed to four. But until you see Anson set the chair up yourself, you wont understand the magic.

And on top of that, Anson comes across as a really deep dude, which is pretty awesome, and not always something you can learn. Lucky dog.

Designer: Pascal Anson