Squares and Circles

You’re in your bathroom, and you’re looking all around. You see all sorts of blah. Especially if you’ve just moved in and that last people who lived there were from the 1980s. You know what I mean? Let’s get to work, let’s get it done gorgeously with Cube&Dot. It’s a matching ceramic, washbasin and bathroom cabinets. One giant system of excellent circles and squares and angle lines.

You’ve got the washbasin and some cabinets. You buy those standard (although they’re amazing and totally NOT standard in any way other than the most basic meaning of standard). Then you’ve got the modular ceramic tile system for the walls. There’s the sharp angles of the cubes you might maybe possibly have sort of seen before, (but not this fabulous before of course). Then there’s the dots. They’ll make your wall look like one gigantic news comic page. Fantastic!

The most amazing thing I can comment on since I can get my hands on it instantly is this, Cube&Dot online interactive tool where you can design your own wall with the Cube&Dot ceramic mosaic tile collection.

Cubes or dots!

Designers: Tamer Nakıscı for KALE