Specifically for Lobster

The following post is about a set of utensils designed for you to have an excellent time completely destroying and consuming a lobster. Have you ever eaten lobster? It’s weird. It’s awesome because it tastes so good, but there’s always the possibility that you’ll be sitting there realizing you’re eating something that was alive not 1 hour before you put it in your stomach. So what should be done? A set of utensils should be made to make this process as pleasing as possible, because we have all these shellfish and someone’s gotta eat em.

This set of ‘ware is made to make the experience of the diner even more awesome than it would normally be, considering the fact that if you’re eating a lobster, generally you’re having a pretty good day. Generally a lobster is served already cracked open. But like when you’re served crab legs, it’s way more enjoyable cracking it open yourself. Crack the shell open, have a good time, eat up that mean that’s inside of the crab! Crabs are full of delicious meat!

Each piece here is made of folded stainless steel, giving it a look and feel that’s unique. Generally you get a set of silverware that’s cast or pressed, this way you’re going to have a wholly unique meal.

And then they can charge you even MORE for a shellfish! Yay!

Also I want these to eat everything else with too. I’m tired of all that regular silverware in the drawer. It’d go well with all my modern new-world furniture and lamps!

Designer: Svetlana Yorchenko