Controlling In Style

Hey ladies, why are remote controls so masculine in design? I mean, why hasn’t someone created a remote specifically for women, designed with a woman’s touch? Look no further because designer Chloe Fung has your back. Her Orbit Remote is to be worn like a bracelet, but has all the basic controls on board. So the next time your man watches something you despise, play a trick on him. Show him who’s really in control and doing it with style.

Designer: Chloe Fung


  • Finally! A remote control for women. This stylish remote control is shaped like a bracelet and is a great way to incorporate design with technology.

  • ulisses says:

    is this an infrared RC or an RF RC? i think this is a nice concept if someone of you already develop i can help you with all the electrical issues…. anyway looks pretty nice and futuristic.. congrats

  • Patrick says:

    oh, man when i first saw this i thought that the outer surface that contained the buttons rotated on the inner bracelet portion on a bearing so you could lightly hold the inner indentation in your four fingers and with your thumb, flick the peaks on the outer edges of the button surface until the button of choice came upright. sort of like a free-spinning scroll. that whole process of flicking the button ring up or down and finding buttons would be so neat. Is that what this thing already does? I apologize for rambling if thats the case.

    love the angular surfaces of the buttons though, incorporating the honeycomb pattern is a nice, unconventional touch.

  • emschelle says:

    Why does every design directed towards women have to be designed after jewlery or makeup compacts? Good design is asexual.

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