How Heavy Thy Fish

This right here is the “Pro Fishing Compact Scale” and guess what it does? It tells you how heavy that fish is you caught with your own two bare hands. It’s simplicity. I know that if you’re a fisher, you have seen things similar to this before. But this is how it aught to be. I say so. And so will the satisfied fish-weighers of the future. Thank designer Oliver Müller for what he reports as being the first all-waterproof scale of its kind! A convenient feature I must say.

More than one way to hook the fish up and measure its weight allows fish of all sizes (up to 140 pounds) and shapes to be seen for what they really are. It’s tiny so you can keep it in its special case or just put it in the bottom of your hundred year old tackle box.

In addition to the essential buttons and functions, there’s a freeze and save option, showing the weight and the time of the weighing. Fishing competitions here we come, weeeooo!

Designer: Oliver Müller