Three Layers of Memory Foam

Let me tell you how much Memory Foam this particular chair (part of a chair and table set) employs. Three layers. You could sit on this chair so much that one layer was wrecked and you’d still have 2 left! And it’s super cute and comes in either pink or pink and green. It’s called the “Origine Du Monde, Maybe!” Which in English means “Origin of the World, Maybe!” A totally wild title for a totally wild set of furniture by designer Italo Rota.

I simply must share with you the description of these items as provided to us by Rota. It acts as sort of a manifesto for what would otherwise just be a vibrant seat and table set.

Rota writes:

A positive and/or negative seating, uterine and sensual, the last room before seeing the world in which we’ll live in, first and only form which will accompany us in life.

Three layers of Memory Foam remind us the maternal projection, to rest, to remember, to imagine the future: at the end, imagining future is no more than think about the time that’s left us to live.

A modest small table, masculine, more and more not necessary but for now indissociable, to let one of us sit on this chair.

A couple of objects for adults.

Stellar! It’s always refreshing to see someone put so much thought into the meaning behind or inside the objects they create. These objects are made up of the following things: Seat – holding base in thermoplastic rigid material in painted finishing, padded in flexible polyurethane, base made of polished aluminum. The table is glossy lacquered wood with the lamp rod made of polished stainless steel and LED lighting.

Designer: Italo Rota