Dog Power Polar

It’s been quite a while since the last time I did a post about a sled. A sled for snow, incase you did not know. The designer of this project I’m about to tell you about, Dawid Dawod, reminds us all that dog power, combined with sled engineering, has been utilized by humans in traveling and hunting for hundreds of years. Dawod notes that as far back as the 10th century we were rolling hard with our best friends by our side. So what does Dawod design? The sled!

The “Polar Journey” sled is made for tourists. Made for ordinary, non-professional people who wish to check out the frigid snow-packed environment in a totally fun fashion. Adapted to work in a multitude of different situations, problems, and straight up good times, this is the sled you want to have when you visit up nort’.

Takes up to two passengers and collapses easily for storage.

Designer: Dawid Dawod