This sleek rowing machine is all you need to strengthen core muscles

Home workouts are now becoming more common than before, as fitness freaks explore the more practical option compared to visiting gymnasiums susceptible to the spread of infections. While having dumbbells and weight rods is the easier option, getting a hardcore machine for a particular body toning regime is also beneficial. How the machine looks and whether it fits the modern interior space well, is a question well worth pondering over.

The Beam rowing machine designed by Minho Lee is one of them, and it’s already got me charged up to flex those muscles. Rowing is a very important exercise to build the shoulder, back, bicep and tricep muscles along with the core. Hence getting a rowing machine makes more sense than getting any other isolated muscle workout machine. Since space is at a premium when it comes to getting indoor workout machines, a rowing machine is the one to go for prime fitness.

Designer: Minho Lee

This sleek rowing machine blends in with any home interior and is compact enough to not take much space once the daily workout is done. The intensity controller toggles the level of resistance the machine will provide, while the sturdy legs ensure it will not move even an inch with intense rowing action. The optimum length of the machine can also be adjusted via the slide rail to provide varied angles of pulling action to target back and shoulder muscles. The footrest too looks very sturdy and ergonomically positioned for the right body posture.

The shining chrome dark gray finish of the body combined with the light gray of the seating and pull rod is so inviting. I would love to have this rowing machine tucked in the corner of my recreational room, ready to unleash it every evening after a challenging workday to get in prime physical as well as mental condition.