Sitting on a Twist

Welcome back to new antiquity. Back to the future, that’s what this is. This project goes by the name “Ionic Bench” and is the work of deigner Laurie Beckerman. Inspired, as I’m sure you already recognize, by the top of an ionic column, taking from it not the hard stone thickness, but instead the lines only, creating a light a lovely bench full of space and due to its construction: resilience.

The person who sits upon this bench is obviously meant to end up right there in the middle, being then framed by two giant scrolls of wood. This bench is constructed using 1inch thick Baltic Birch plywood, the profile of the entire bench cut out 18 times by the ever-elusive CNC Machine technology. Oh the wonderful things that machine has made.

Each slice is laminated together and the plies are finely sanded and coated with a high-quality Italian acrylic. Smooth and shiny.

Dimensions: 48inches in length, 18inches high at the seat, and 18inches in width. You know what that means? Those curls are large enough to fit several books – or if you’re really radical: scrolls!

Designer: Laurie Beckerman


Ionic Bench by Laurie Beckerman